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I've been asked to establish two simultaneous live video streams and have been given the following equipment: a new PC tower running Windows 7, an Osprey 230 capture card with Viewcast's Simulstream active. Now what?

My understanding is that the only piece of the puzzle I'm missing is the encoding software. It's been awhile since I last used encoding software and need some advice on what would best fit with my equipment. I only need to create two SD streams (probably H.264) and a separate audio stream. The Simulstream supposedly will allow me to create multiple streams with just the single card but will any encoding software work with it? Is there specific encoding software needed for this? The tech support for the company is sporadic at best since they were bought out in March, so any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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I'd take a look at Open Broadcaster Software because it's free, fairly easily configurable, and you should be able to run multiple instances for multiple streams. As long as you can bring a window up of each video feed on your computer, it can stream it, but it might be able to actually connect on a 'lower level' too, if that makes sense.
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