Making Excel do stuff for me, automagically!
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Where can I find snippets of vba macros that I can use/reuse? What are your favorite macros that you use and can't do without?

I've recently found out that I enjoy writing macros for Excel. I've just started learning, but given now that I realize how powerful this stuff is, I'm excited about the boost in productivity it gives me.

I'm learning by reading online forums and using Walkenbach's books and the sorts.

Here is what I am looking for:

1) A resource/resources that basically has snippets of codes that I can copy/piece together to create something useful.

2) Any resources that have projects that they build using macros are also welcome.

3) How do I store and keep track of the code that I collect, so that I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time I write a macro? Ideally, this tool will let me access the code from multiple machines.

4) What are your macros that you use on a daily basis?

5) Any resource in particular that you'd recommend?
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/r/DailyScripts sometimes has that kind of thing.
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Mr. Excel forum is an indispensable resource for this.

Best way to organize macros for reuse is to export the modules and check them into source control. If you have software developers around they can help you set that up.
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John Walkenbach, Excel author of note, has several useful snippets on his website,

I want to say also that it is well worth your time to read up on features like Outlining ( collapsing hierarchical groups of rows and columns like trees) and keyboard shortcuts. You will quickly reap dividends on the time spent researching those things if you use spreadsheets a lot.
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