Surreal Acrobatic Movies on Netflix?
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My 7-year-old enjoyed watching Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away at home, on Netflix. She became fascinated with the costumes and weird characters, the acrobatic scenes in strange settings, and didn't seem bothered by the fact that there was only a loose plot and virtually no dialogue ("It's like a dream," she said). What are other similar, surreal dreamy movies on Netflix that she might like?
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are cartoons ok? maybe Fantasia?
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"Pina" might be too slow/modern dance/incomprehensible for her, but it's definitely a "surreal dreamy movie on Netflix." It might be worth a try, although it might end up being one you watch after she goes to bed.
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Is anime ok? I think Kaleido Star is safe for 7 year olds.

Don't know if it is on Netflix or not, but it is pretty easy to find anime on the internet. Here is a legally uploaded episode 1
I see other episodes, too.
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The Nutcracker! The 80s version that weirded me out/entranced me as a kid used to be on Netflix (maybe its just seasonal, though). Fantasia is also a great recommendation.
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Not acrobats but definitely surreal with weird characters and little dialog: A Town Called Panic. My kid is in love with it.
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Maybe Microcosmos--lots of beautiful macro videography of insects with scant narration!
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It might be too dark for a 7-year-old, but MirrorMask is definitely surreal with fantastic costumes and environments. Netflix has it on DVD only.
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tree of life
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The Red Shoes (1948) dreamy and surreal but may be a bit dark.
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The Fall (2006)
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It has a fair bit of nudity (but not in any way sexual), so might not be suitable yet: Peter Greenaway's film adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest is surreal and contains lots of acrobatics.
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The City of Lost Children

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Oops, I lopped the title off my suggestion above: Prospero's Books
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City of Lost Children is a good movie, bit I don't think I'd show it to a young child - it's more of a nightmare with elements of fantasy, some of it bordering on horror (the Cyclops "but I don't want to be dead!", the Octopus, the fleas, evil Santa Clauses, the implied killing of children after their dreams are stolen and they have outlived their usefulness, etc., )

The Mind's Eye and Beyond the Mind's Eye are on YouTube in their entirety.
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Thank you everyone for your strange and wonderful film suggestions! Some of these I'd have to screen first to see if my lil girl can handle them, but I'm excited to go through the list.
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