Apple 'buyer's remorse' clarification for in-store pickups
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For online purchases delivered to an Apple Store for in-store pickup, does Apple's 14-day 'buyer's remorse' return period begin 1) at the order date, 2) at the date the item becomes available in-store, or 3) at the date of actual pickup? I'm somehow failing to get a clear answer through internet searches.

I purchased a silver ipad retina mini from the refurbished store on Apple's website because that is what they had in stock, and I need the ipad for an upcoming trip. I had wanted to get a space grey ipad, and I'm slightly concerned I'll find the white bezel distracting and regret the purchase. So my plan is to use it on the trip and see how I like it, then exchange after I get back if the bezel is too much for me. (I feel I should clarify that I'm not trying to game the system...I'm testing the silver out in good faith; it just wouldn't have been my first choice.)

However, I don't return until June 3rd (I leave on May 21st). I received an alert from Apple today informing me that the device is ready for pickup at my local Apple Store. If I were to wait until May 20th to pick it up, would my 14 day grace period begin at that point, allowing me to exchange it on the 3rd? Or does it start whenever Apple receives the device (i.e., today)?

Apple's stated policy is simply 14 days from receipt of the item, but I'm not sure if it refers to the day the shipment is delivered to the store or the day I actually pick it up.

Thank you!
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I would probably call the Apple store where you're planning to pick up the order. You don't have to tell them who you are or what you ordered (so you can avoid getting into any discussion of the appropriateness of your particular plan), just tell them you're considering ordering something and ask them to clarify the policy.
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Former Apple employee here. It was from pickup the last time I checked -- but call your store and ask. :)
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This is a great question to ask the particular store.

The last time I bought a new computer at the Apple Store, I got upsold on a bunch of stuff I realized I totally didn't need pretty much the minute I left the store.

I called up as soon as I got home, explained that I didn't want any of these various add-ons, and I was unsubscribed/refunded immediately without even having to go to the store. Obviously if you're talking about returning a physical item, yeah, you'll have to go back and make the return. But I've found them to be very reasonable about changed minds, in the past.

Just say, "I'm going to be traveling, so I want to clarify what the buyer's remorse policy is since I won't be able to turn right back around and return it as soon as I open the package. I won't be back in town until [date]. Does that work, or should I wait to make this purchase?"
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I faced my fear of the telephone and called. FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS: I was told that the return window opens at the time of the customer pick-up.
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