I need a large (5 inch) hair clip with a side hinge and teeth
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Where can I find a large--5 inch or longer---hair clip with a teeth and a side hinge that doesn't protrude much, so I can relax and lean back on it?

I have only two plastic ones left, purchased at Ross, and they eventually lose their teeth and wear out. I need this clip to hold a loose topknot. Barrett style is hard on the hair, so I'd prefer just a big clip, strong enough to hold my very long hair when I wear an upsweep. A clip also works much better than big barretts or spring clips to easily catch stray hairs and neaten the topknot. Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks much!
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I am not sure I can picture what you are describing, but I've heard nothing but good things about the Ficcare Maximas clips, which are good for holding up a loose topknot. They're very expensive though, which is why I haven't personally bought one.
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Maybe a Flexi8 would work. It's not a traditional barrette and doesn't have teeth. You'd probably want to try a large size. I use a med to securely hold all of my natural African American hair.
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Could you possibly post a photo of the ones you already have and like? I'm having trouble visualizing what it is you're looking for.
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You can buy something that apparently goes by the official name of `concord clip`in both metal (usually toothless and hard on the hair) and plastic (which is more gentle on the hair and tends to have teeth). I have very curly hair, down to my natural waist when straightened, and these work marvelously to keep my hair up in a bun. I only need one large one. Here is just a random webpage from Ebay to show you what I mean: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=Hair+Concord+Clips

I can easily find these in the mall (at least in Canada) at stores such as Ardene`s and Claire`s. I have also found them in Wal-Mart and Shopper`s Drug Mart. They come in all sizes - I don`t know how trendy they are nowadays but they were extremely popular in the early 2000s and I made sure to squirrel away a lifetime supply. The ones I use are roughly 5 inches.

If you are worried about damaging the hair get a large plastic one as opposed to the more decorative metal ones which snag easily.
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This is what it looks like, 5 inches long, with teeth and a side hinge:
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I absolutely second Ficcare clips: I personally have a couple of Ficcare Maximas clips (which I have seen recommended by many on AskMe before, as well as on hair boards) and they are really spectacular. You can lean back against something with one in your hair very comfortably, it will securely hold as much hair as you have in any updo, and you can move around as much as you want and it won't come out. It's supremely comfortable, and very sturdy, as well as pretty. I've worn one of my two every day for several years. Pricey but definitely worth the investment. I actually think I've saved tons of money since getting my first one, because I used to buy (and then break) drugstore clips every month or two. I'd start with the Maximas, which is the basic model. From what you've described, you probably want the large size (appropriate if you have quite long hair (longer than bra-strap length) and/or very thick hair). You can buy various colors on the Ficcare site, but Nordstrom seems to have a limited selection of colors cheaper, and a few other places online sell them too.
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The concord clips mentioned above are sometimes called condor clips or salon clips or avian clips. I have also seen alligator clip or beak clip used. I have had one for years and love it. They are cheaper versions of the Ficcare. Mine is similar to this.

This Goody updo clip or comfort flex clip look like they might be similar also.
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What material if the Ficcare clip made from?
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I have long, thick, heavy hair and the Ficcare clip is the only clip that will hold it (although my preference is to make a ponytail with a covered elastic and then pin it into a bun with Bunheads hairpins, which I buy from dance supply stores.
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I know you're looking for a clip, but consider the "EZ combs". I have thick, curly hair and use these for updos, ponytails, etc. I've napped with one in my hair; there's nothing sticking out from your head when wearing this.
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As a result of this question I have been wasting a ridiculous amount of time looking at hair clips. This one at gladhair.com actually looks a lot like what was in your picture.
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