Who can I pay to make my couch stop smelling like cat pee? (in NYC)
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My beautiful, beloved cat peed on the couch. Anti-Icky-Poo is failing me, and frankly I'm fed up and just want to pay someone else to make the cat urine smell go away. I'm in NYC. Any recommendations on who I can call to deodorize the couch?

(And because I know the rules, here are photos (and a video!) of the rude, stinky-mess-causing kitty in question.)
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You might want to give Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer a try -- we had a four-cat pee frenzy happen in our house (which was basically like the urine apocalypse) and that stuff did indeed work miracles.
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If a human took a direct leak on your couch, you wouldn't be trying to 'deodorize' it up - that couch would be out of there in a heartbeat! Urine in a couch = time for a new couch.
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I'm not going to thread-sit, but one thing - I'm really only seeking recommendations on who to hire to clean the smell away. Not product suggestions, not throwing-out-expensive-furniture suggestions - cleaning service suggestions. Please?
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Gerrus Maintenance looks like a service that might fit bill, but they only operate as far as Staten Island. Maybe call them and ask if there is a similar company that will service Brooklyn.
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Call ServPro. They will remove blood, and other such fluids that arise from injury and death within homes, hotel rooms, and apartments (and furniture) including the offensive smells resulting from human decomposition. They bring the property back to acceptable conditions.

They serve Brooklyn from Brooklyn .
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I gave away a leather couch that had been "baptized" by the cats. The new owner had it steam cleaned and said the smell went away.
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