Presenting with multiple screens but NOT for notes
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I'll be giving a presentation in a month in a meeting room that has three projectors connected to a computer. I would like to maximize the use of this space by making my presentation encompass the entire area of the three screens. How would I go about this? My current ideas:

1. Optimally there would be some software that would enable me to run three different presentations and move through all three of them when I clicked. Does anyone know if this software exists?

2. I was thinking of maybe using autohotkey to create a script that moves the mouse and clicks through each presentation in powerpoint but was thinking it might be clunky. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

3. The worst case scenario would be for me to have a presentation that designed super-wide screen and is sized to fit all three screens. I'd then use something like ATI eyefinity to make the three screens a larger single view.

Any other ideas are welcome! PS I've got administration access on this computer.
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It depends on the size of the room, but typically the purpose of having three screens is to ensure that everyone has a fighting chance of seeing the whole slide. By putting different things on the three, you may be ensuring that those on the far left or right of the room cannot get a eyeline on all that you're trying to show them.
Admittedly, this doesn't answer your question, however, it is a consideration to your audience.
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More than likely, if all three projectors are connected to a single projector, they are done so using a distribution amplifier, and not a multi-head display device.

That means, unless you are able to re-cable all three independently to your machine, you won't be able to do what you're asking for.

If you can get independent home-run cables to each projector, you could hook your computer to a Triple Head To Go, and its' driver software will look to the computer as a very wide canvas. This would fit scenario #3.

Otherwise, three computers and three D'San Remotes with two of the base stations set to slave, so you're driving from one remote.
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