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I l.o.v.e roasted garlic. A nice crusty bread, good cheese, & a heaping helping of roasted garlic makes me so happy. It does not, however, make my husband happy with me, or rather, my smell. Is there any trick to mitigating the garlic I apparently emit from my pores, mouth, & soul for a few days or is he stuck with us? No, he can't join in the fun because it tears up his stomach.
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I've found fresh rosemary helps get the taste out of my mouth pretty effectively.
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Try drinking a LOT more water.
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Liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll tablets may have some effect - it's used to reduce digestive tract odors in people with colostomy bags.
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Alternatively, he might try dabbing lavender essential oil (or Vick's VapoRub) under his nostrils.
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I have heard that fresh parsley (possibly in large amounts) works - at least for the mouth, not sure about the pores.
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Depends what you mean by tears him up of course but as someone with an occasipnally sensitive stomach I've successfully mitigated that by pre loading on antacids. This might let him a partake to a moderate degree with you so it's no longer an issue?
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Try activated charcoal capsules - not tablets!

Sold at your local vitamin shop or pharmacy. Not a dangerous thing, but at least at our local, only from behind the pharmacy counter for about $6.

Might absorb and clear the smell - especially if you open the capsule and brush your teeth with it and/or drink it as a slurry in water, swishing it around your mouth before swallowing.

Try this. For $6 it can't hurt!
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Chomping fresh parsley works for garlic breath. Dunno about garlic sweats, however.
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Try fennel you get in coloured sugar coating from Indian shops (you sometimes get bowls of it in curry houses).
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