Chuck Mosley's accent?
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So I've been listening to like.. a whole shitload of Faith No More recently after revisiting them for the first time since the mid 90's and finding I still really really really love 'em. For the first time ever, I actually gave Chuck Mosley era material a good listen. It's.. uneven at best, mostly due to Mosley. He seems to sing/speak with a real affected tone, I am just having trouble telling if this is an accent or dialect or just something unique to him. Listen to this song as a good example. A friend told me he is just singing with a strongly emphasized southern california dialect, is this the case?
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I'm from Southern California and can see where your friend is coming from. But I also think Chuck Mosley sounds just like the guy from the Dead Milkmen who were from Pennsylvania. It could just be a universal 1980s slacker accent.
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Hadn't listened to Bitchin' Camaro in some time. Now that I just did I think I'd have to split the difference and say that Mosley's speaking in that same slacker cadence, but with a very strong SoCal tone that you don't really hear much in the Dead Milkmen.
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