Vintage shaving creams in France
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What shaving creams were popular in France in the '60s?
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I don't know how popular it was, but apparently Molinard's Rasoline is a classic French cream. Some examples of '50s/'60s-vintage ads for it turn up in a Google image search. Also: Palmolive.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I hadn't heard of Rasoline. What about Pinaud-Clubman? I'm mainly curious about what would've been most popular in France in that time period. What would a man be most likely to use?

I'm researching that Rasoline now. Thanks.
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I tried searching /r/wicked_edge, the wetshaving interest/hobbyist subreddit. People searching for countries on W_E are usually looking for places to shop for gear/soap, places to a shave, or shaving products that can be ordered from that country. The last one may not be directly helpful, but it should identify brands that you can research for historicity.

Without knowing why you're asking, I'll just say that you may not want to limit yourself to shaving creams, but look at shaving soaps. I just looked, and it appears the pressurized can of shaving cream was introduced in 1949, so I guess that would be on the table. That said, people usually stick with they stuff they used when they started shaving. I'm guessing that you're trying to answer a question along the lines of "When/if ____ was in France in 1960s, what products did/would he use to shave?"
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