High quality HDMI/USB KVM switch
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I'm in need of a 4-port HDMI/USB KVM switch, and I'd much rather get a good one than a cheap one. Any recommendations?

The devices I'm hooking up are a Mac Mini, a Windows 8.1/Gentoo Linux tower PC, and a PlayStation 3. I don't know exactly what version of HDMI I need, but it has to carry both audio and stereoscopic 3D. On the USB side, I only need one USB 2 port - my keyboard has a hub.

I've struggled with a couple of cheap KVM switches over the years, and I don't want to go that path again. I don't think I need any features beyond what I stated above, but it definitely needs to be reliable.
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If you have only one monitor then the IO Gear GCS1794 should work just fine. I have their similar product that does DVI with multiple monitors and it works great.
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