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I have just learned that I may need to be out of my apartment by the end of the month. I am thinking of a furnished rental for a few months until I've figured out where I want to live next. I have been in this place over 20 years and my head is spinning. I will need to put things in storage, and I have a cat. I am also a smoker. My costs will all be covered for the rental and storage and the moves (both to the rental and the final place I choose). I am in the NYC area. I have about three weeks to figure this out. Help! Advice?
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Start getting boxes of every size, flattened out and get a tape gun. Divide and conquer and do 5 boxes every day or much more and have boxes waiting to catch the last of the items you still need so you do not run out with a clock ticking and still have to find 5 more. You're on your own with the smoking.
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If your moves are paid for, hire a moving company that will pack all of your stuff for you and that will accept two drop-off locations such that they willl move some stuff to the rental and also the rest to a storage area?

Buy some Feliway for your cat and preemptively treat the cat and continue treating the cat through the two moves. Or talk to your vet about any recommended prescriptions if your cat is known to deal badly.

Get some patches/gum for yourself?
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Thanks. I would love some advice about the best places to look for a furnished rental.
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I would check Airbnb or VRBO. You could also check craigslist and the columbia housing site for summer sublets -- a lot of grad students sublet their places Jun-Aug.

Sorry I don't have links, I'm on mobile at the moment. If you have trouble finding the columbia site, memail me and I'll find it when I'm on desktop.
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If you can't find a furnished sublet, the search terms you are looking for are, "short term corporate rental." Many large complexes have them (month to month, usually with a minimum, fully furnished with appliances, dishes, even linens, etc.). They're already set up to negotiate/credit check/accept payment from a third party.

Honestly, if your costs are covered, this might be the least stressful and drama-free arrangement to try, rather than trying to "audition" for part of someone else's lease (or playing airbnb roulette).
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I'm thinking:

The Atlas (Thanks Project Runway!)

Sutton Court

Marriott Residence Inn (sign up for points!)

Don't stress out, especially if someone else is paying!
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Students are moving out and subletting furnished apartments now. Look on craigslist sublet and temporary. There are tons in my city, I'm looking for one for the summer as well and an having no problem finding possibilities.
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