MMS texting issues
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Is there a text app that lets me receive multimedia messages and group messages without using my data plan?

I have a limited data plan and keep 4g turned off most of the time. When I get texts from certain friends (most but not all people with smart phones) I get a notice saying I've been texted but I have to turn on the 4g network to receive the content. Likewise, to respond to a group text or MMS texts I have to turn the 4g network on.

I know its not a big use of data but having to turn 4g on and off all the time is annoying.
Is there a different text app or maybe a setting that I am missing? I have the 'only download files with WiFi' option turned on, but even with wifi enabled I still have to use 4g for MMS and group texts.

I am not in the position to switch the plan around (ie, unlimited data and limited voice/text) because the other people using the plan (mom and dad) mostly use voice calls and regular texting.

I'm using the newest Android OS on an LG G2.

Bonus Question: My dad's phone always responds to my texts with the incorrect area code (629 instead of 619), so there are two conversations stored- his responses and my responses- under separate numbers. The 629 number doesn't seem to be a real number at all. What is happening here? I've deleted the contact and related texts multiple times, and every time he responds to me the contact is created again.
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MMS uses the data connection as part of the specificiation, so there's really no way around this if you keep data turned off.
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Does GroupMe work for you?
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Response by poster: I'll check groupme out, that looks great, as I primarily text with 2 different groups o' dudes.

Looks like it might work.
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You may also want to ask a dealer for your cell service, while MMS requires a data connection, some providers don’t count it towards your data usage (even if your phone calculates it that way).
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