NYC to Toronto - should I avoid Newark airport due to construction?
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I live in Toronto. I'm flying to New York for a week. My outgoing flight is already booked, but I'm booking my return for May 13. I usually fly Porter, which takes me from Newark to the Toronto Island airport, which I love, and is convenient. I just saw that there's construction at Newark airport, causing delays. (Info here and here) Should I avoid Newark airport for my flight back? If it affects things: In Toronto, I live downtown. In New York, I'm staying on the lower east side.
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Bearing in mind that in addition to the runway work, the AirTrain is out of service until July 15, you really might want book a flight out of LGA or JFK.
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I flew Porter out of Newark about 2 weeks ago. Our 6:00pm flight was delayed about 3 hours. Kinda BS since they know the construction is happening but are still using the same schedule.

I fly Toronto to New York often and have given up on Porter because I find a delay out of Newark about 50% of the time in normal conditions. If you're using a cab, you'll save some money going to LGA also.
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I just flew out of Newark (to Chicago) several days ago and there was about a 45-minute delay. I don't know the cause, but that combined with lack of AirTrain meant delays all around. I didn't much mind, but if you're concerned about time, maybe a different airport.
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Thanks! That is all super-helpful! I'll book a flight home from LGA.
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My two cents:
LGA is a clusterfuck, as well (especially for international flights); the additional traffic it's likely to receive as a result of delays at Newark will make it even worse.

Consider using Westchester County Airport (HPN), which has flights to Toronto and is not that hard to get to. Islip might work, too.
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I flew Porter out of Newark yesterday. No issues flying in last Friday. We were delayed about 15 minutes flying out yesterday.

The AirTrain being out of service was the biggest hassle. Arriving at Newark, the shuttle bus from the airport to Penn Station Newark took nearly an hour because we were smack in the middle of rush hour traffic.
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