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We're moving to Seattle, hooray! Now we don't have childcare for our infant daughter, and we need care starting in about 8 weeks.

If you look at my history you will see that we've already done the frantic daycare scramble in Los Angeles, but now we get to do it again in Seattle. I have a job starting at the very end of June, so we need to find a place for our then-to-be 6 month old daughter. My job will be downtown and while we will be living in Crown Hill-ish initially, that won't be long-term and we'll probably be trying to live somewhere between Ballard and Downtown. Ideally the daycare would be located in Downtown or South Lake Union / Denny Triangle, I think, although if there are other good options I'm willing to consider neighborhoods like Ravenna/U-District type areas. We have a few leads but, but I'm looking for two things: 1) has space for an almost 6-month old to start by July 1 and 2) less than $2k per month. We are potentially open to nanny-share type things, but probably feel a bit more comfortable with a center.
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Full time, part time, flex schedule...?
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I think your best bet for referrals will be a local moms facebook group. Do some searches like "Crown Hill Moms" and see what pops up, then join as many groups as you can so you can start to get a feel for them. After a week or two of reading the questions, post your request for a referral. Depending on the size of the group, you should get a good number.
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We need full time care. Mom groups are not a bad idea but direct suggestions are even better as I need to get the ball rolling on this ASAP.
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I asked on my Facebook since I have a lot of Seattle parents on there. Someone with direct experience with it has recommended HutchKids, which is apparently excellent, and is open to non-Fred Hutchinson employees now, though the tuition is slightly above $2K and it looks like there may be a waiting list. I will let you know if I receive any further suggestions.
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Our daughter went to Pacific First Montessori from 1 YO until kindergarten. They take younger kids as well. It's in the City Centre building downtown (between 5th and 6th and Union and Pike). Dedicated dropoff area in the garage downstairs.

We (and our daughter) loved it as did everyone else we knew with children there. Not just a daycare, the kids were learning every day. They have an outdoor play area, too.

Our daughter is now almost seventeen (she turned out fantastic, thanks for asking). I work in the building and I still see a few staff who were there when she was, so that says something. I've had co-workers with kids there since - enthusiastic as well.

Waiting list may be an issue, don't know the current status.

Sorry to propagandize, but we had a very positive experience.

Edit - forgot to mention that they have a very inclusive culture.
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I asked this question about a year ago, which might help you out. The little guy is in a nice center now, but it was a tough wait.

I think your best bet will be a home/family day care. Are you familiar with Child Care Resources? They are a Washington-base site for searching childcare providers (including home day cares). I recommend calling first, and setting up an account with an operator (which you can then use to search online.
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I have also heard good things about HutchKids. Was going to suggest it, but thought it was employee only!
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