Help me find this "magic" video.
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I need help finding a video I saw a year or two ago. In it, you were told to focus on a magic trick, but the real trick was that everything in the background was changing (the presenter's shirt, the tablecloth, the painting on the wall, etc.) At the end, they went back through and showed you how they did it. Help!
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Best answer: color changing card trick. The psychological effect is called Change Blindness.
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I saw this on an episode of the National Geographic Brain Games tv show. Maybe this one? LINK
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Response by poster: On the first try! Ok, here's another one: I remember a different video, with like 20 background changes... perhaps a murder mystery? I remember a painting on the wall changing, a plant, the outfits, everything. Ringing any bells?
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This isn't what you're looking for, but this Awareness Test PSA is in the same genre.
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Best answer: whodunnit?
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Response by poster: YES! I love this website!
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In fact all videos relating to selecting attention must have a gorilla - not just the colour changing card trick
edit - and see also.
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