Can I use an old CallVantage VoIP router on Vonage?
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I have Vonage. I want to know if I can replace a broken VoIP router with an older VoIP router I used when I had CallVantage and if it will work, even as a temporary solution.

One of our dogs knocked over, stepped on, and broke our Vonage VoIP router. I'm not terribly upset since I've had it since 2006 and never upgraded. I can buy a new one from Vonage for $80 (and perhaps cheaper elsewhere -- I haven't shopped yet), but I'd have to wait until I get paid early next week to be able to do that. We've got cell phones we can use in the mean time.

From 2004-2006 I had AT&T CallVantage service (which is no longer available). When I ported my number to Vonage; Vonage insisted on sending me a new router, and AT&T didn't want their router back. So, I still have the CallVantage router (D-Link brand, don't recall the model number) in a box in my basement.

I see a way in my Vonage account to enter the MAC address of a router that has already been purchased. If I swap the broken router with my old CallVantage D-Link router, and enter its MAC address, will that work, even if only as a temporary solution?

I seem to recall Vonage insisting that I could not use the CallVantage router when I switched, but that was so many years ago that I might not be remembering correctly.
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It probably won't work, but why not try it? The worst that can happen is that you'll spend 5 minutes configuring it and discover it won't work.
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Response by poster: Nope, didn't work. Guess I'll be ordering a new one.
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