error message in IE using proxy server
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Apparent proxy server problem with Internet Explorer on Win XP. I get "Cannot find server or DNS Error" messages on an irregular basis when accessing sites which require use of the proxy server.

I don't have a problem initially getting onto the protected sites, but at random intervals the browser will give me the error message while I'm on them, and the only way to get back onto the sites is to restart IE. Is there a setting somewhere that I can change to fix this?
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when accessing sites which require use of the proxy server
There are sites that REQUIRE the use of a proxy server?

What is your connection like, anyway? Direct connection? DSL? LAN? Hub?

Also, does this only happen in IE, or in other browsers too?
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Response by poster: By "require" I just mean sites that allow access only to subscribers. I work at a university and I get to the content on the sites their library pays for through the university proxy server. I'm on DSL, via a router, and I've only noticed the problem with IE on Windows.
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Try this for managing the Proxy.
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This might be a hint in the right direction: When you use a proxy, the proxy handles your DNS lookups. So *if* the problem is DNS (the error message isn't really clear) then it's an inability to resolve the proxy name you have in your IE settings. If this is the problem, you could try specifying the proxy by IP address in IE.

This could also indicate a general problem in connectivity to the proxy.
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If you're having the problem with specific sites, you could always edit your "hosts" file and define the IP addresses for each problematic site. That way, no DNS lookups are required, and you won't get the timeouts.

This assumes that the sites in question use consistent domain names, IP addresses, and are much more static than the dynamic "D" in "DNS" would imply.
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(which means "Domain" -- I'm not dumb, just making a joke. Didn't know if that was clear)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. When I've had a chance to test them out I'll post what I found.
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Response by poster: krisjohn, that little program looks handy, but unfortunately it won't toggle my settings since I have to use an automatic configuration script.
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Response by poster: Well, the editing my host file for the most problematic site didn't fix the problem.
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