Moleskine case?
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I'm looking for Moleskine cases that fit the 13x21cm aka large size like you can get a case for a hardcover bible. Something that holds the cover itself and also has space for a pen or two, at the very least, though I also often need to carry discs and other small things around. Not something like this. I've looked but I feel like I'm poking around the edges of the search unsuccessfully.
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Best answer: Rickshaw Bagworks Moleskine Folio? They're specifically designed to fit that size of Moleskine, and they'll fit pens, cash, and even a smartphone depending on which model you choose. The pictures on that site just show the Moleskine sitting in the case but the pictures in this review appear to show it all tucked in.
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Response by poster: HAH! Those are awesome and brightly colored. My unicorn!

I was vainly attempting to find a non-leather (forgot to mention that) moleskine cover, which was becoming ridiculous. Thanks!
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The Skinth Jotter II is non-leather and you can customize it.
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I have the Rickshaw folio. It's awesome -- the back cover of the notebook slides into the case, and the front stays out. Then there are pockets and pen loops built into the case. I have the smartphone version, but don't use the phone pocket for my phone any longer.

I share your pain -- I use that one for my calendar, but I have tried in vain to find a non-leather cover that will fit an XL Moleskine notebook, which is my staple for all other uses.
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