I’m looking for help establishing a college fund for the children of a murder victim.
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I’m looking for help establishing a college fund for the children of a murder victim.

Here’s the situation: I learned last week that the 24 year old sister of my high school friend was murdered. It was a fairly high profile case in the Long Island area. The girl was the mother of a newborn, and a 5 year old son. This family has been through a lot even before this, and are really wonderful people, so my friends and I want to get together and do something for them. We don’t have a lot of money to give, but we would like to establish some kind of college fund. Unfortunately, none of us know where to begin to do something like this. Any information on what we should do, and how we should do it would be appreciated.

To complicate the matter, however, is the fact that the newborn is the child of the man who is suspected of killing her, and is now in the custody of that man’s family. Contact with him may be difficult, if not outright undesirable.
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Contact an attorney who specializes in trusts and estates.
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Also, check and make sure that the family has not already set up a fund of their own. This is common in high-profile cases.

If the father did kill her, his family will most likely not retain custody. Stick to contacting her family, obviously. Also the state's attorney or district attorney there may know about the situation and be able to help out with communication.
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Perhaps also check with a local bank or credit union -- they frequently (?) set up charitable accounts that people can donate to. Coupled with some legal advice (maybe pro bono), this should be do-able. Good luck.
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Second on the suggestion you consult an attorney who specializes in trusts.
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