Can you recommend a good bluetooth mouse?
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I'm fed up with my crappy mouse. Can you recommend a good bluetooth mouse (for a mac)?

I know Logitech makes a bunch of wonderful mice that use their proprietary transmitter. I'd like to avoid those because my machine already has bluetooth. I can't really use trackpads either because they end up hurting my hand.
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I have the Apple Magic Mouse and LOVE it!!! Plus, it was free with my Best Buy points. :)
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I can heartily recommend this. It is from Logitech, it's a (real, no adapter required) bluetooth mouse, very low profile (good for my terrible wrists) and works very well with both my macbook and assortment of linux powered devices. Offers a switch to select between pairing with the two previous devices and charges with micro usb.

I like it.
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Another vote for the magic mouse, I won't use a mac with anything else. Get the apple battery charger as well (oddly enough, it's not overpriced!) and you'll be good to go.
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I know you said you can't use trackpads, and I've always hated trackpads, too, but I'm in love with my Apple Magic Trackpad. It's replaced my Magic Mouse for everything, other than stuff that you really need a mouse for, like Illustrator and Photoshop. I honestly didn't think I'd like it all that much, but it's just that good.

But, if you're dead-set against a trackpad, I'd vote for a Magic Mouse.
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I suck it up and use the proprietary transmitter with a Logitech M510. The transmitter is tiny, the battery lasts forever (which the Magic Trackpad's decidedly does not), and the general feel and function is very good. I'd try a Magic Mouse if you can't live with the adapter - the touchness of it would be handy, and Logitech doesn't always do special features like touch well on the Mac (the M510 though works well).
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I have a Gigabyte M7700. I like it very much. The first one I had stopped working when I knocked it off the desk. I contacted Gigabyte and they promptly replaced it.
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if stuff hurting your hand is a consideration, do NOT get the magic mouse. It's way, way too thin in some weird desire to look visually interesting that's detrimental to you know, actually using it. You end up cupping your hand over it while kinda batting it around with your fingers, not resting your hand on it in any way. The older "mighty" mouse also sucks because the trackballs gum up after a few days(anyone who says otherwise is lying, anyone who says if you keep your work area and hands clean it wont is lying... and that's ridiculous anyways because it's the only mouse people have had that widely documented problem with).

That "ultrathin touch mouse" i will admit i haven't used, but it looks like it would suffer from a similar problem via being stupendously thin at the expense of usability to look cool/fit in your bag easily.

this is what i'd get. Or alternatively, the totally basic microsoft ergonomic bluetooth laser mouse. I have no idea why logitech quit making normal bluetooth mice that aren't that silly thin one, but ugh. The gigabyte one recommended above looks fine too, and is a good price.
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I'd check this out:

(personally, i (having big hands) like the ball mouse that comes with the new microsoft ergo's not bluetooth though.)
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I go through this every couple of years and always end up with a Logitech mouse with the proprietary transmitter. That transmitter is harmless, all you'll ever notice is a USB port is occupied. Which is not at all ideal, in fact quite stupid, but if you have a free port it's no big deal. FWIW for the longest time Logitech's wireless was way lower power than stock Bluetooth, mouse batteries would last months instead of weeks. I think Bluetooth 4.0 should have fixed that problem, Macs have supported it for 2+ years, but for some reason Logitech does not sell Bluetooth mice. At the moment their product line only has that ultra thin mouse mce recommended.

I have issues with hand pain too. By far the most important thing is to find a mouse that's comfortable in your hand. I can't stand the Apple Magic Mouse, it's too small for me. I like the Logitech M705 and also the goofy Performance Mouse MX. Microsoft mice are also worth consideration, many of their wireless mice are Bluetooth.
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