Comparing Crystal Litter
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We've recently bought a ScoopFree self cleaning litter box. It is wonderful but we didn't want to keep buying the disposable litter trays for $30 a go so we bought a Forever Litter Tray. Now we need to buy some crystal litter to use with it.

Forever Litter recommends you use smaller sized crystals and recommends Fresh Step crystals, Dr. Elsey’s crystals and Mimi crystals however we are in Australia so these brands are unlikely to be available.

For those of you in Australia who use crystal litter - what size are the crystals in the brands you buy and where do you buy it from? How do you stop it from going everywhere? (I have access to Pet Barn, Coles, Woolies, Big W and Kmart. Target and the internet are less convenient options).
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I've bought crystal litter at Woolworths and Pet Barn, but I suspect you could buy it at most of the places you named. Since it comes in clear plastic boxes, or plastic bags with clear cut-outs, you should easily be able to see the size inside.

As for stopping the litter going everywhere, I think that's unavoidable. Litter gets caught between the pads of a cat's paws, and once they get out of the box they shake it onto the floor. I've used crystal, paper pellet, clay, and compressed wood-shaving litter, and the only thing that's worked for me is keeping a dustpan and broom near the box.
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