Help with job interview question about corporate plan
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I’ve been told that my job interview tomorrow, I’ll be asked a question about the organisation’s corporate plan. Help me brainstorm possible questions and answers.

Background: Role is senior professional level at a megacorp. I’d be providing advice and support to the head of the (large, important) area I’m interviewing in.

I am, of course, reading up on the plan like crazy, as well as reviewing everything I can about this area of the company. But I have somehow never been asked anything like this in an interview (although I’ve always read the plans and reports for anywhere I’ve interviewed!) and I’m feeling a bit rudderless as I try and wade through it all. I’m guessing they’ll want to know something about how I’d judge some potential activity in the area against the plan. But I’m only guessing.

What d'you think they might they ask me? What should I demonstrate in my answer? Even better, are you a senior (second to CEO level) executive? What skills would you want your senior advisor to demonstrate in this situation?
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Sorry, I messed up my edit earlier. This might be obvious but possible questions could be what are your specific ideas on how you would improve the corporate plan. Do you think the timetable is realistic or too ambitious. What percentage of the goals look achievable to you, given their market.
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During an orientation for new employees at the megacorporation I am employed, there is a lunch with a member of upper management. I was lucky enough to meet the CEO. The CEO defined his position as primarily chairman of removing obstacles. He emphasized that he had a great upper management team and was there to help them get their jobs done and seek out opportunities to do what he could to help rather than manage what they do. I thought that was an impressive statement.
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