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I collect buttons and have acquired a set of Russian buttons. Can anyone help me with translating them? This is an imgur gallery of the buttons. Clicking on an image will zoom in. The numbers are consistent from photo to photo. Thanks for your help!
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I recognize number 11 as Aeroflot, the Russian airline.
posted by jquinby at 1:57 PM on April 28, 2014 is number 2.
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10 is Novgorod
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1- Yaroslavl
6 - Ulyanovsk
9 - Universiade
15 - Rybinsk
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The CCCP in #1 is the Russian abbreviation for USSR

3 - is across the bottom
Museum Reserve Church Ascension is the left, top and right sides in order - likely the "Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye"
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#7 seems to be Moscow Luzhniki Stadium
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1. Yaroslavl (small text: Volkov Theater)
2. Aeroflot (small text: TU-144)
3. Kolomenskoye Church of the Ascension
4. BGTO ("Be Ready for Labor and Defense of the USSR")
5. text is not Russian
6. Ulyanovsk
7. Moscow Luzhniki Stadium
8. no text
9. Universiade
10. Novgorod
11. Aeroflot
12. Turkmen SSR
13. acronym that stands for Yaroslavl Fuel Equipment Factory (it makes carburetors, fuel injectors, and other things that run on gasoline)
14. acronym that stands for All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions; International Competition, Rostov-on-Don
15. Rybinsk
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5. text is not Russian

I believe that is Armenian, but not sure what it says.
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Well go figure. It says "Armenia".
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Thanks everybody!
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If you're ever in Seattle, there's a table at the Fremont Sunday Market that has thousands of these.
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