I don't wanna stare out the window, I wanna play POKEMON!
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I'm traveling for work this week Tuesday-Friday. I would like DS (not 3DS) and audiobook recommendations, please! Bonus question: cool things to do in Portland, ME weeknights?

Here's some stuff I like to listen to/play when I travel to help!

Etrian Odyssey II - only wish it had more variety and less grindy grind
Advance Wars/Fire Emblem turn based RPGs; i would really dig a good one of these but I hated how slow FFT:Advance was

Ex-Heroes series by Peter Clines
Soon I will be Invincible
Ready Player One
Night Film
Horror fiction in general, surprise me
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I also really liked the audiobooks of Daemon & FreedomTM. Something like that would be cool.
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Have you played Henry Hatsworth? It was probably my all-time favourite on the DS. The best use of the dual screen outside of the draw-your-map thing in EO.

Book-wise, have you read(/listened? Is that the verb?) the Magicians series by the other Grossman Brother? They're similarly fantastic.
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Cave Story is pretty much the gold standard of retro-MetroidVania platform games for DS.

Also, I've been greatly enjoying the "Welcome To Night Vale" podcast, which satisfies your horror/creepy stuff quotient. They've got all the episodes to date for free on iTunes and commonplacebooks.org.
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A few that might work for you, and aren't easily playable other than on a DS:

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
The World Ends With You
Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and its sequels
Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Plenty more where those came from. The DS has the most varied and interesting back catalog of any system, IMO, and now they're cheap.
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The Tim Curry version of Dracula is a fantastic audiobook.
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The "We're Alive" podcast.
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>Horror fiction in general, surprise me

The audio recording for The Ruins was pretty great if you haven't read it already.
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If you like Metroidvanias, Megaman ZX is an entertaining cross between that style and Megaman's gameplay.
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