Another "name that gruesome childhood short story" question.
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What is the name and who is the author of a story wherein a woman has a second skin?

In one of the numerous collections of hideous short stories (ostensibly for children, perhaps children you do not like): a voyeuristic man spies on a shy, retiring woman who seems to have no visitors. He senses something strange about her. Looking through a vent, he discovers that each night, she pulls out a second, empty skin; lays down next to it; and slowly flows out of her current skin into her new skin. She must do this every night. He breaks into her apartment while she is away, steals her skin, and she slowly dies from being unable to change.

The story itself would be no newer than 1990.

If you searched for it and found it, what did you use as a search string?
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Celia Sarton!
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Yes, phliar is right, but for future reference, the story's actually called "The Other Celia." It's by Theodore Sturgeon, and it is most definitely NOT a children's story.
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