Name this North American TV show I saw, in the 1970's?
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Can you tell me the name of a North American TV show I saw in the 1970's? (details within)...


It was a sitcom, around 1975.

The plot revolved around a guy and his ethnic wife (I believe she was latin american, and I think from south america).

The wife had a real thick latino accent.

The one episode and joke that I remember was where the guy was looking into burial options for a funeral (can't recall if it was for him or his mother?) Anyhow he gets the idea that a mausoleum is the best choice. He tries explaining it to his friend: 'where would you want your mother buried, in the cold ground, or in a nice warm mausoleum?'

'Mausoleum?' his wife asks. 'Isn't that where they have the dinosaur bones?' :)

I was a kid when I that but the joke stuck with me.

What was the show?
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Here's a list of all the 70's TV Sitcoms.

It may be that you're thinking of ancillary characters on a larger sitcom. Was it filmed or on videotape? That may narrow it down a bit, the look and feel between the two matters. Mary Tyler Moore products were on film, Norman Lear on tape, to give you an idea between the two.
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Sounds like Chico and The Man, post Freddy Prinze era.
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If I had to guess, it sounds like it could be "I Married Dora", but this was the mid to late 80s, not the mid-70s.
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I have a hunch this was Charo and the Sergeant, since that sort of thick accent and misunderstanding comedy was pretty much her entire schtick as a comedienne (aside from her bust). Only the pilot ever aired on ABC in 1976, but Wikipedia says a few more episodes may have aired on the Armed Forces Network (in-story her husband was a Marine).

That pilot includes a role as "chaplain" for Dick Van Patten, which would possibly work with a funeral storyline.
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