Acoustic bass guitar in recorded music?
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I've become curious about the musical potential of the acoustic bass guitar. Does anybody know of any recordings, in any genre, where this instrument is used to good effect?

Tonal qualities captured well or functions well in the mix or played superlatively or?

Aware of Blister in the Sun but of not much else.
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In my opinion, it is hard to record well so that it fulfills the role of a bass instrument in many situations.
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Jonas Hellborg is worth a listen:
The Word
Octave of the Holy Innocents

You might also check out some oud players: Simon Shaheen, Munir Bashir.
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"The Word" is the best recording that I know of. Hellborg was playing a bass that a luthier in Germany had spent years building for him. Tony Williams plays drums. The album established Hellborg as a serious composer among critics, many of whom had probably been ready to turn on him after the "this guy is the new Jaco" hype in his early career.

His more recent albums, like "Personae" and "Good People In Times Of Evil", feature acoustic/electric hybrids, but I believe that "The Word" uses a purely acoustic instrument.
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They use them a lot in MTV Unplugged sessions, most notably I think by Nirvana.
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Gliding by Sky Cries Mary

Bass played by Krist Novoselic of Nirvana.
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Alice in Chains unplugged
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Yan Maresz on John McLaughlin's tribute to Bill Evans, Time Remembered, acoustic bass guitar was here the perfect choice to support an ensemble of nylon string guitars.
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Michael Clem, the bassist from Eddie from Ohio, uses acoustic bass on some songs, and electric on others. Here's a video of them playing "Candido & America" with the acoustic bass, although the sound is pretty bad:
Some of their albums, including "This Is Me", list instruments by track. Over half the songs on that album use acoustic bass.
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Aware of Blister in the Sun yt but of not much else.

That whole album is filled with acoustic bass goodness. Here's another good example, with a great bass solo at around 2:15:

Please Do Not Go
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