Redirecting a website URL to a Google doc
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Our organization uses a Google form to sign up new members. I want to set up our website so that redirects to that Google doc. Is this possible? What is this functionality called? How do you go about setting it up?
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Does the URL need to stay as that while they're filling it out? If so, you'll want some kind of embed. If not, a simple HTML redirect on an empty page would work.
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How to redirect from an HTML page
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Check out this page for embedding info. Just copy / paste the code to your join.htm page. Read all the comments because there is some important info about permission settings so everyone can view the form.
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301 server redirect?
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What kind of webserver do you have (you would get this from whomever hosts or administers your website). Possible answers include Apache, nginx, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

A server side redirect is most appropriate for this task, but it's accomplished in different ways depending on the server.
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