Looking for Commercial clothing/Fashion Websites That Have Specific Info
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I have seen fashion/clothing sites where on the product page the brand has dress/pant/shirt etc. options. There is a blank image of the pants, etc. Below the image is a choice of colors or design. When you scroll over a color you then see what the color will look like on the pants. Does anyone know any brands that have this on there sites? I have seen them in the past yet none of them are coming to mind. I am building a website right now and would like to show this to my designer.
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I'm not sure if I entirely understand what you mean but I think Zappos does what you're talking about. I mainly wear skate shoes and they come in many colour combinations.
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Something like this or this?
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Land's End.

but it's nice to throw in a few different poses, so you can make the models dance
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Lands End does this where you mouseover the color swatch and the dress changes, but I don't think they show an entire outfit where just one piece changes.
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Old Navy?
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