Where did the videos of an old lady kicking a baby originally come from?
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Where did the video of an old lady kicking a baby originate?

I have seen a couple of different videos. One video had a baby sitting on train tracks with an old lady kicking it out of harms way.

Another has a woman and a baby clapping their hands. The woman steps away while an old lady runs up and kicks the baby. It then cuts to a close-up of her saying something. Does anyone know what she is saying?

Does anyone know where I can find all of the variations of the video?
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That's an interesting fetish you have there, biscuit. Have you tried IFilm.com?
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Response by poster: phearlez: I couldn't find anyting on iFilm. I don't think I would call it a fetish. I just thought the videos were rather absurd and incredibly funny.

The videos were a small interent meme several years ago and there were several variations on it. Here is the train version.
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the biscuit man, i think you just helped your case. Without some sort of reference as to where the videos might have been first seen, or some link or another, others may just be as perplexed as I was.

I have never seen any of these videos, but I look forward to them now. The old lady in the one you did link looks like my grandmother.... but I have no recollection of any trains as a child ;)
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Best answer: About a dozen different videos are available here.

The lady's name appears to be Lucy Castillo. It looks like a promotion for an Italian TV station (www.plus.es).
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Spanish (.es), but yes, deanj.

Thanks, the biscuit man. These are great.
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