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Is there something like WorkRave but for Android? I cannot download anything on my computer at work. I used to use WorkRave at another job and really liked how it gave you the exercises to do. I don't want simply a reminder to stretch. I've seen apps that have stretches, but they are more like a resource app, not like WorkRave where it gives you random exercises each time.

I especially liked the WorkRave exercises because they didn't involve doorways or doing anything that looked too weird at your desk. I can't do squats or pushups at my cube. I mean, I could, but I'd feel really weird and I'd like to avoid that.

I suppose I could just make a list of the stretches from WorkRave and just do a few each break time, but I'd like an app if it exists.
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Take Break stretching and eye exercises looks similar (I haven't used it, just found it on the app store).
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that looks really cool. i don't know how i missed that one in all my searching.
i'll give it a whirl!
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