Making homemade videos. Er, digios?
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So how are all the cool people making home movies these days, if they're not recording off their phone? And how are they storing and sharing such movies?

So my very sick bestie (see my question history, if you care) is in the mood to make some movies to share with some people in her life. She wants to be able to film herself, by herself, and speak for up to an hour. Then share those movies and/or store them for future sharing.

How can she film herself? She's a Mac person, but doesn't want to use her phone. She does have a laptop with a camera thingy. She might acquire a digital video camera if that is needed. Is that even what they're called nowadays?

What does she do with the output? How do you burn such a thing to a disk? Do you upload it to a private YouTube account? What about the cloud? Is there technology that we don't even know about?

(Please no commentary on whether a very sick person should make such movies.)
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If she's a mac person and has an iPhone, I can't image a good reason not to just use that. Virtually any current regular camera - from point and shoot through high end DSLR will have acceptable to broadcast quality video capabilities, so those are options if she's determined to not use the phone.

How can she film herself? Mount the device on a tripod. Prop it up on a stack of books. Etc.

Vimeo is a much nicer alternative to Youtube, although there's nothing wrong with youtube either.
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I recently bought one of these Panasonic Camcorders. There is a place to screw it onto a regular camera tripod on the bottom. One of those Gorilla Tripods might be useful since it sounds like she is going to be at home a lot.

It records on to an SD card like this so I can get a lot of footage on one tiny card. I haven't had it long but I like it so far. I can upload it to my Mac via the card reader I use for my photos and edit with iMovie.

I'm no great movie director but my system works well enough to share my vacation videos with my family. I use YouTube since it's pretty simple for me to upload and my family to watch them. And I think I kept them private and just send a link to my family members.

Hope your friend gets well soon.
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No matter what video camera she uses, a tripod of some sort will probably really help her out.

She can use the laptop's built-in camera but the angles can be kinda funny.
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