Cool Mens Clothes That Fit
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Where can I find cool clothes outside of the normal mens range in regular sizes?

I buy a lot of stuff from TheLees and Doubliju because they're outside of the norm for men's clothes here in the States and because I like their fabric choices (light, stretchy) and pattern/color combos.

However, I'm 6' tall and in my mid-40s, so I can't dress as young as a lot of these clothes are, the Asian sizes are generally a bit on the small size, and the construction on a lot of it is pretty chintzy.

What other online or brick and mortar stores out there might have this kind of out-of-the-ordinary menswear? Hopefully not crazy expensive (I'm not looking for custom designer stuff), but fun patterns, soft/stretchy/light fabrics and something a bit different in shape and style.
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Have you looked into companies that produce streetwear for the skateboard set?


Mighty Healthy

The Quiet Life

Not sure if that's the style you're looking for, but skaters got the fun patterns for days, and the clothing is usually cut for active, athletic men of the average height for Americans (which breaks my heart as a very tiny genderqueer who can only wear the hats and socks).

If you like what you see, you can find more apparel lines by flipping through Transworld or hitting up a skate shop either locally or online.
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Skate Warehouse has a ton of stuff, including this amazing button-up shirt printed with raw steaks.
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Maybe Bonobos and/or Trunk Club?
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Betabrand might have some interesting items, and they've got a big Easter sale on which I didn't know about until just now, so thanks for the thread.
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I love Betabrand, and that's more my style than the skater aesthetic, which may be a little "young" for me still.
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"Offbeat" menswear? Have you ever thought of thrift shopping?
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A lot of skater clothing is pretty understated now (Dogfunk/Backcountry are my go-to for chinos). And Jackthreads has some things which might be described as Betabrand knockoffs, like the pair of horizontal cords I bought there.
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Jackthreads is really great, unmake! Thanks!
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