Help me find these clip clasp thingies online!
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I'm looking for a piece of hardware but don't know what it's called, making it very hard to find it online.

Okay, you've all seen them. They're metal, made of two pieces, one of which has a little loop that swings down and clips over the other one. Then you push a little lever thing down and it exerts pressure and the whole thing clips together tightly. If these have a name I would like to know it! I checked my local big box store and they cost about 5 bucks a pair. I need 16 pairs of them so am hoping to do better. Can you tell me what they're called, or even better provide a link to a website that sells them reasonably cheaply? Thanks!
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Might you be able to take a pic of one? I deal with the McMaster Carr catalog every day, but I'm drawing a blank on this one.
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You mean the kind of thing you'd use to fasten a lunchbox or a trunk or instrument case? Maybe a toggle latch or case clasp?
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The phrase you're looking for is "draw catch".
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Or perhaps "draw latch"?
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Lee Valley carries a broad variety that can be seen here.
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I think I know what you mean-- like the two fasteners, one on each side, which hold the lid closed tightly on old steamer trunks, for example.
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Here's what I think you mean: drawbolt catch. Amazon 6 for $11.29. More for less from Aliexpress.
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You're not the only one unfamiliar with "draw latch" - here's somebody offering Stainless Spring Loaded Toggle Case Box Chest Trunk Latch Catch Clamp Clips at five for $7.
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