3 day not-too-expensive getaway
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Need some quick ideas for a romantic mini-honeymoon in the near future.

My fiancé and I have set our wedding date for 5/23/15. We are going to have a nice wedding and reception so it's going to take us around a year to plan it. On the other hand, (in our case) it makes much more financial sense not to wait and just go ahead and get married. We have decided to have the best of both worlds. We are getting married THIS May 23rd, but we are just going to keep it hush hush for the most part and still have our wedding next year. (That way, we will have the same anniversary date...and who remembers the year anyway?) We are also planning to have a 3 day mini honeymoon now and then the big honeymoon to Hawaii next year.

I'm looking for ideas on where to go for the mini honeymoon. (Originating in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.) Preferably a couple of hours away or more...just not too far so that it feels like all we've done is drive. We've lived here most of our lives so the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area is a little redundant.

MeFites, help me plan a nice, not too expensive, mini honey moon!
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Skyline Drive in Virginia wouldn't be a bad idea. A bit of driving, but not crazy from Knoxville.
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Asheville would be nice, you could stay at Biltmore.

Chateu Elan if you want a deluxe experience.

Helen, GA would be fun and sweet.
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Highlands NC is less than three hours away. It's a cute, upscale town with lots of outdoor activities and nice cabins in the woods nearby. Even closer is Bryson City NC, home to Nantahala Village which is a personal favorite of mine.
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Harpers Ferry, WV is about 6.5 hours away from you so that might be a longer drive than you're looking for. But it's quiet, cute, it's on the Appalachian Trail if I remember correctly, it has lots of history somewhat... questionably... told (this is where John Brown's uprising happened and the museums/monuments about it vary in their dated-ness), and there a ton of very cute B&Bs. MeMail me if you want to know where we stayed.
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