Can you recommend a tattoo artist in Vancouver, BC or maybe Seattle?
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My wife is looking for someone to do a floral tattoo somewhat in the style of this tattoo or this tattoo. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

The artist we used to go to was down in Seattle, but they've since moved to the east coast. Someone local is easier, but we'd make the trip for someone amazing in Seattle.

Found this previous question but it's like 6 years old and only has a couple of responses, so I figure it's worth asking again.
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Samantha (Sam) Smith from Steveston Tattoo Company does a lot of floral work, among other things. Check out her work here and here.

Source: Friend of a friend.
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Check out Alexis Witt or Suzy Todd at Two Birds Tattoo in Seattle.

I've not gotten a tattoo from either of them, but I follow a lot of women tattoo artists on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to nathaole I have a new person to follow!
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If you do come to Seattle, I was very happy with my experience with Andrea at Slave to the Needle.
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IMO, you won't find better than Madame Lazonga - read up on her philosophy though. She won't do some things - and likes/requires that 'natural' items be based on reality. I have a bumblebee on a clover, and 1. she'd never done a bee before, so I had to find copywrite-free images of bees, so she'd know she was doing it right, and 2. she wouldn't do 'just a bee', it needed context - hence the flower. I completely respect that.

Her design in the second-from-bottom right here, might show some indication of what you're looking for.
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