What's this restaurant I barely remember in Philadelphia?
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Sometime around 2005 I went to brunch in a converted farmhouse in a park in Philadelphia. What was that place?

Unfortunately this is one of these questions where I'll ask you to guess the answer from an embarrassing paucity of details. Thanks in advance!

Sometime around 2004-6 I visited a friend in Philadelphia and was taken to brunch in a white converted farmhouse (or something that resembled a converted farmhouse). It felt like it was in a park -- I think maybe there was a stream with some ducks running alongside the farmhouse? I think we had to walk a short distance from the parking lot. We ate in a small room with a few other tables, where I had stuffed French toast.

Any guesses as to what I could be thinking of?
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I should say I quite liked the place, as you could guess from me trying to remember it a decade later.
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Not the Water Works Restaurant, right?
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Was it perhaps Valley Green Inn, which is in a park, right by the Wissahickon Creek, and often has a lot of ducks nearby?
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(Technically not a converted farmhouse, but I think the aesthetic is close enough that you could remember it that way. Also, really not kidding about the ducks.)
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The photos look exactly as I remember it. 7 minutes to an answer -- thanks so much!
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