Documentary comparing Allied Occupations of Germany and Japan after WWII
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Does anyone know of a documentary film that compares the Allied occupations (and "rehabilitation") of Germany and Japan after World War II? Bonus if it's about 50 minutes in length.

I am currently teaching a college course on World War II, and on Friday April 25 I would have liked to discuss the differences and similarities of the Allied occupations and/or "transformations" of Germany and Japan following World War II. I will be out of town that day at a conference, and I can't get anyone else to fill that gap. I know it's a slim chance, but does anyone know if there is a documentary that addresses this? Maybe a film comparing the Nuremberg Trials and the International Military Tribunal for the Far East? Availability on YouTube or something similar would be good, but I have access to a large research library with a lot of media holdings.

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The historian Ian Buruma has a good book, The Wages of Guilt, that deals directly with this and appears to have some interviews on youtube where he talks about WWII. I don't have my copy with me but I think there was a list of materials at the end that might include media.
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