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I'm trying to find the name of an artist, whose work was picked up on, but none of the search terms I can think of are getting me anywhere. The artist made images where they would take multiple photos of a skyline, for example, from the exact same position, throughout the day. Then they would splice those images together so that it would look like the exact same skyline (it wasn't scrambled or cubicised or anything), but at the center it would be early morning, surrounded by a band of mid-morning, surrounded by a band of afternoon, then evening, then night. I have a feeling that one of the skylines was Hong Kong, or Shanghai, but I'm not positive about that. Anyone know what/whom I'm talking about?
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Best answer: Fong Qi Wei?
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Response by poster: Bingo. Wonderful. Thank you.
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aaaaah that is so cool, how did everyone else not think of that first
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