dashboard for pc, does anyone make it ?
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I love the dashboard program available on macs. is there an equivalent for pc's?

i especially love the flight info widget. i use google's desktop sidebar app and that's pretty good but want more.
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Best answer: Yahoo Widgets. Otherwise known as Konfabulator.
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I use konfabulator on both my laptop and desktop. It works great.
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Another fan here. If Konfabulator's good enough for Apple to rip off, it's good enough for you to use!
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Response by poster: just got it and loving it. thanks mefi !
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Going one step further, since I've used Konfabulator in the past and thought it was neat but not particularly useful, what are the best widgets that folks use?

There seem to be an awful lot of really pointless widgets.
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Word. If it wasn't for iTunes Bar (ignore the hideous default skin) I probably wouldn't be using konfab. mini Weather is also a fixture on my desktop.
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I like Detour, THnotes, for all of my computers. For my laptop I'm a big fan of the various wi-fi meters and battery meters. Finally, I don't live in a city big enough to need one, but the traffic cams always seem like a really good idea for those who do.
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Here's a Metafilter widget based on the standard RSS newsreader.
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