GO AWAY, archived items.
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I'm having a frustrating problem with my Kindle Keyboard/Manage Your Kindle Amazon account. Long ago, I subscribed to the New York Times Daily Audio Digest. I have now unsubscribed, but I can't remove the approximately 200 past "Archived Items" associated with that subscription from the list of same in my device or from my MYK account.

There is no way to remove them from my Kindle Keyboard device itself, as they only show up in the "Archived Items" folder, and pressing left shows no "remove from device" option. This makes sense, since they, like all Archived Items, aren't actually downloaded to the device - just taking up about 23 pages of visual space in the Archived Items folder.

When I go to Manage Your Kindle on the Amazon website, and navigate to archived items, all of them show up in that list - but there is no option on the drop-down menu to delete them (there's only "Deliver to my . . ." and nothing else).

I did an online chat with a support tech who was fabulously unhelpful. We hard reset my Kindle and deregistered/re-registered my Kindle, which, since all of these items still show up in my MYK account, I expected not to work and in fact did not work. The last option the tech floated was a factory reset of the device, which I elected not to do as (1) I would have to redownload my whole library and (2) the tech could not explain to me why a factory reset would work, again given that these items remain in my MYK account.

This is irritating! Has anyone else dealt with/solved this problem?
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I've searched for a simple solution to this problem (I use instapaper to deliver stuff to my paperwhite), and it seems that right now the only solution to the problem is to delete the items 1 by 1. I'm waiting until my kindle library is huge and then I'll probably create a sikuli script to do it.
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I misread your question - there is no option to delete them because you've paid for them. They don't count against your amazon cloud space, but I can image how annoying it must be to page through them all.
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You might be able to use collections instead of Archived Items. Of course, you'd have to manually set up your collections the way you want them.
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I don't know if you've noticed, but amazon rolled out integration of Amazon cloud drive with personal documents - I'm not sure if that will help, but it's a step in the right direction.
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