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Tokers of Mefi! I'm hoping you can help me make the most educated and effective choice when I go to restock my herb tomorrow. I'm looking to replicate what for me, as someone dealing with cerebral palsy, (and because of it, a pronounced and profoundly isolating stutter), was a life-changing experience with MJ, one that came about a year after my first encounter with the herb.

I'm sure more than one of you has seen this incredible video make its rounds on your internet feeds. This woman's speech goes from harsh, strained and riddled with blocks, to being virtually effortless, all on account of her green habit. I wouldn't have believed it myself, if the same hadn't happened to me while still in college a bit over a year ago, I was able, after a few puffs, to hold a deep, meaningful discussion over many hours with a friend I had isolated myself from for years, precisely because of the gargantuan effort I need to put forward every time I want to hold a conversation for longer than five minutes.

Normally incredibly avoidant and inhibited in my speech, I began to speak effortlessly and without fear. The air flowed freely and try as I might, I could not get my chest or any other part of me to tense up the way it usually does. My mind too, was free. I wasn't constantly working to form substitute phrases I could use in the event of a block or working myself up in anticipation of the effort I'd need to get out of one. I was present and at ease. The experience was so incredibly exhilarating that I actually walked around campus that night LOOKING for reasons to engage strangers in conversation.

I kick myself every day for failing to ask what it was that my friend gave me to smoke, and nothing I have found since has had the same effect.

This is where I turn to you. I'm going to see someone tomorrow that has the following on hand:
Royal Kush
Sour Diesel
Strawberry Dream

A couple questions then:

Of these, which do you think would have an effect most similar to what I'm looking for/ what you see in the video?

In general, are sativas, indicas, or hybrids the better choice in this situation?

I should note here that, when sober I find my speech to be way worse off when I'm tired or my muscles are TOO relaxed... but that could also be because my mind has been trained to think that speech takes effort.

Lastly, are there any strains which are reasonably easy to find on the East coast that aren't listed here and that you think would be good for me to try?

I've confined myself to facebook as the frequency of my good days declined rapidly after coming home from college for good, so I'm really hoping someone can help me get my life back. Thanks all!
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Response by poster: A quick edit: I only have a vaporizer right now ( albeit a good one), and have heard that only combustion will ever give me the feeling I'm looking to have. Is this true? Joint / bubbler/ pipe smoke is incredibly hard on my throat, and so I'd like to avoid ever going back to that if possible, though it was in fact a joint that I'd smoked on that night.
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Some good links to strain guides in this previous question; you may be able to find some guidance in those.
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Have you seen a speech-language pathologist yet? I would start there first.
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Response by poster: I have, and currently am, but I've had negative and unhelpful experiences with them, while smoking seemed like nothing less than a miracle cure. The advice is appreciated, but please, if you feel like answering, try to stay on the topic of marijuana.
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Any chance you can get small amounts of several strains so you can experiment?

As a starting point, I think hybrids might be the call. I'm leaning toward Strawberry Dream.

An indica might be too body-heavy; and while a hardcore sativa might be too energizing, one strain you might seek out is Jack Herer. It's an uplifting, lovely sativa. Even if it doesn't prove to be the fix you are looking for, it's worth keeping in your apothecary.

Good luck -- it may take a few tries to find something that works as well as your previous experience, but it's exciting to know that it's out there somewhere. Enjoy the quest.
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Vaguely related advice: try not to fixate on your goal here and get frustrated if it's not doing what you were hoping for. Try to be zen about it and enjoy the experience regardless. I worry that reaching for it too hard might make you miss it if it comes.
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Seconding Jack Herer if you can find it, I have found that it gives the best 'creative', stimulating high and often leads to those long, meaningful conversations. I get this effect most intensely from ingesting it in the form of baked goods, but it is a bit harder to dose that way.
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No specific recommendations for strains, but check out leafly! It shows reviews, lots of ways to browse, and you can track your experiences with various buds so you can home in on what works for you. They've got a mobile app too.
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Vaporizing should be just fine. It will give you all of the relevant parts without the burned plant matter. I've never heard anyone claim that you have to actually smoke it to get the benefit.

For the larger question, I think testing multiple strains is probably your best bet, in the absence of legal dispensaries with knowledgeable staff.
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Additionally, here is ASA's info. You may want to try high CBD strains, which can be hard to find outside of a medical access system. Best of luck finding something that works for you.
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