Swimsuit saga, part 1
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Where can I find cute, affordable (~$11 a yard) swimsuit fabric online? Preferably from an inde/brick-and-mortar place with an online presence.

I've been through etsy, ebay, most online fabric retailers, and I don't really like anything. So do you know of any brick-and-mortar or indie places that have online retailing? I'm looking for more places like this.

The Fabric Fairy has some good ones, but the one I really like has sold out.

What I'm looking for:
Prints, with bright/not washed out colors. Nothing tropical themed. Quirky.
I like floral prints, but all bathing suit florals are tropical and just not what I want. This fabric on the left is the most perfect thing I've ever seen (It's floral AND it's got bugs on it!!!!)

Part of my problem may be that, unless it's specifically labeled "For a bathing suit", I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Thanks guys!
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You are looking for lycra / spandex. Check out Denver Fabrics online.
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Spandex House.
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Seattle Fabrics.
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Response by poster: The first two listed are mainly online suppliers. Which means 1) I've already seen all of their inventory, and 2) I didn't find anything I liked.

The 3rd suggestion, unfortunately, only offers solids, no prints.
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Have you seen these? They will work for bathing suits, floral print, but run $13sq yd. Foliage mountain looks like it would suit your tastes, maybe.
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Here are some more: 8.00 yd, 10.00 yd.
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Um, they might not have had anything you like, but Spandex House is a HUGE brick and mortar store in NYC.

What about Spandex World (also a huge brick&mortar shop in NYC)? Or The Fabric Fairy?
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Whoops, reading comprehension fail on my part re: Fabric Fairy.
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If you're set on a specific type of pattern, then there's always the option of custom printing, based on your own artwork,
has the option of polyester lycra, but it will run you more than 10$ a meter... However you obviously don't need a lot of yardage for a bathing suit so it might be worth it to achieve the floral + bugs combo of your dreams.
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