Spanish Horror/ Science Fiction Novels or Short Stories
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I'm looking for some psychological horror, science fiction, or just plain interesting stories written in Spanish. I really enjoy Stephen King, and Junji Ito as horror writers go, and I love harder science fiction rather than softer. Philip K. Dick is one of my favorites as well.

I'm looking for stuff written by Spanish authors, if that's possible, but if you've got a good translated story I might like, I'm game.
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How about Julio Cortázar? I haven't read any of his novels, but his short stories are weird and sometimes disturbing. Here is a good one called Casa Tomada, from the collection Bestiario.
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If I could magically understand (Argentinian) Spanish, the first thing I'd do is track down a copy of Borges' Ficciones.
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Horacio Quiroga is a bit like the Spanish language equivalent of Edgar Allan Poe. Spanish SF is rather meh and undistinguished, but there are some fantasy novels, mainly for YA.
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I’m currently reading The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy, which is an anthology of short stories all, as the title suggests, by Spanish authors (including Juan Goytisolo, Javier Marías, Enrique Vila-Matas, among many others), and all with some element of the fantasic, speculative or supernatural (with nothing, as far as I’ve read, in the vein of post-Tolkien high fantasy). It’s in English but there is also information about the relevant original Spanish publications for each author represented.
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You want Spanish horror? Santiago Eximeno is a friend of mine. I've translated a few of his stories into English in the past.
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Jorge Luis Borges!
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Aura by Carlos Fuentes is a favorite of mine.
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Oops! I just now realized that you want things in translation, so here is an English version of the story I mentioned in my previous comment.
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I actually am looking for them in Spanish! I didn't make it clear in my post. My apologies
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Another update because Gigamesh has just opened a DRM-free ebook store that you might find interesting.
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