Children's book featuring the Brontes?
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In the 1980s I read a children's chapter book that featured the Bronte sisters as children. I think it was part of some kind of fantasy time travel - the real main character from a more modern setting somehow travelled back to Haworth parsonage and interacted with them - but I'm not sure of that. Possibly she found a diary or other notebook of theirs? I remember their time being presented as dark, and mysterious, with a sinister male figure, probably their father but maybe Branwell? What was this? Thanks!
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Was it Down a Dark Hall?
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Possibly The Bront√ęs: Scenes from the Childhood of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne by Catherine Brighton?
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Could it have been The Twelve and the Genii?
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The Twelve and the Genii description raised prickles - I think that may well have been the one, though I'll have to read it to be positive. Down a Dark Hall also sounds intriguing! Thanks for all the suggestions.
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The mist on bronte moor? I read that a few months ago, and it sounds quite similar.
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