I got a plasticised-wire thing came with my USB Mouse. What is it?
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OK, this is odd: I recently bought (online) a little (portable/spare) USB Mouse (fitted with a spring-loaded, self-retracting cable-tidier). Fine. The mouse arrived today, along with a Yellow, Plasticised-wire (pipe-cleaner type thing), which has a cute duck face at the end of it, and a strange forked-tail. No other explanation. (Easter, perhaps?!), but I suspect it's some kind of mouse cradle to hang off a laptop... I don't get how this might be used, but wondered if anyone here could explain what it was / it's proper usage to me. Ta
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Could you post a picture?
posted by brainmouse at 6:17 PM on April 10, 2014

Picture might help?
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OK. http://postimg.org/image/9i1n58ibx/
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You can't make the tail out from that, but it's sort-of V shaped (like a snake's tongue)
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I suspect it's just a toy. I've gotten free plastic toys with some orders of cheap electronics from China before. Or it could be intended as a cable wrap, to keep other cables together. Probably doesn't have anything to do with the mouse, though -- it was just what they had at hand when packing your order.
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OK, could be... Could be, as you point out, they weren't selling well (and, as the mouse has a self-retracting-cable-tidy), they just threw it in. OK Yeah, maybe
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Cable tie?
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Does the forked end fit into the holes/dots in the nose? It looks like it might. I have no idea what it is then used for, but....yeah.
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That's a cable tidier. I have them, except mine look like monkeys. Looks like they threw in a little lagniappe with your order.
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Oh, well done. The "Cable Twister - Chick" at headspace's link is definitely what you've got.
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Spot-on, [hades].
Glad you peeps found the answer. It was driving me nuts. Thanks
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