Florence necessities: wifi, food, football
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I'll be in Florence for 1 week. I'd like to ask for places with good internet access; good steak and other local dishes; good view of the Champions League games.

I'm staying close to Sesto Fiorentino, about 25min away by bus from Centro. Suggestions about places in either Centro or SF are much appreciated.

* Wifi. I've been going to Arnold Coffee near SMN for the free wifi, but it's a slog. Do you have alternatives for good (free or affordable) wifi access in Centro or SF? Willing to pay for a cafe.

* Food. Guidebooks are overloaded with listings; I've tried Nerbone and Icche C'e C'e, plus Trattoria La Grotta Parri which was recommended by a local person. None of them served the steak though. Where would you suggest I go for one? Any other suggestions in terms of local food that you personally enjoy?

* Football. I'd like to watch Atl├ętico Madrid vs Barcelona tomorrow (or Bayern Munich vs Man Utd tonight) live at 8:45PM. Where might be a good place? I saw a few Irish bars around Centro. Do they show football? Are they safe/pleasant at night for a lone Asian tourist who speaks only a smidgen of Italian?

Please feel free to throw in any additional suggestions about hidden gems, side trips to outside Centro, etc. Grazie.
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Sant'Agostino 23 has amazing Bistecca alla Fiorentina (sold by the kilo, so bring a friend or come very hungry). Their pastas are delicious as well.

Also try the schiacciata at Pugi near the Accademia.
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It was in 2007 when we stayed in Florence, so keep that in mind. But our hotel was right next to the main train station and I'm quite certain it was this Dall'Oste restaurant we decided to try on a whim. (google map)

My husband still dreams about the seafood spaghetti he had there, it was so good.

Their current menu mentions steak quite a bit, too, so it might fit your requirements.
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Please have dinner at Coco Lezzone at least once. It was wonderful. NOT fancy at all, but the food was amazing and we were surrounded by locals.
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I loved my steak at Trattoria D'Angiolino. The best piece of meat I've ever eaten.

Via di Santo Spirito, 36, 50125 Firenze, Italy

Several in our party had other dishes which were also raved over.
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Apparently, I've already mentioned my love of Angiolino previously on ask.me.

I wish I was a great food writer to be able to tell you how wonderful that meal was. I still dream about it to this day.
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