Thank you gift for New York Foodies
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What delicious foodstuff can I send to some friends in NYC for putting me up for a few nights last week?

I stayed with friends last week when I was in town for a trade show. I want to get them something to say thanks.

Last time I stayed with them I left a few bottles of fancy beer, which was well received. Time didn't work out for me to do the same before I left.

They are a late-20s, early-30s couple. They love good food and good beer. They live within a couple blocks of Washington Square Park. Their household income is far greater than mine, so there is nothing I could get them that they couldn't get themselves.

Do you know a good $amazing_food_item of the $time_period based in NYC? Beer of the month? Artisanal gelato of the week? I would also consider buying something and arranging delivery. Places to go and have unique experiences are also encouraged.
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Gift Cerificate to Big Gay Ice Cream?
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Best answer: Zabar's gift certificates are always welcome in my home.
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In a similar situation I sent my hosts a care package of specialty food items from my area. I know your friends are in NYC and could technically probably find any specialty food item you would potentially send them, but I think it sends a nice personal message to go to the effort and put something like that together.
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Murrays Cheese (either one-time gift or cheese/meat of the month). They also have awesome classes (incl. beer & cheese pairing) and cheese cave tours.
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Pizza Tour! My kid lives in the same area and she went on the tour and loved it. It's not even mostly tourists.
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In a similar situation I sent my hosts a care package of specialty food items from my area.

Exactly. They can get anything in NY easily enough; what they can't get is what's uniquely in your area.
posted by shivohum at 7:59 AM on April 7, 2014 started out as NY focused, but has broadened since then. I agree that having something that you can't get in NYC might be of more interest. I suppose if it can be purchased on the internet that kind of doesn't count, but perhaps there is something on there that they wouldn't know about or would otherwise appreciate.
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Response by poster: Some great ideas so far. Unfortunately, Boston specialties (e.g. Lobster roll, clam chowder, etc.) don't travel well.
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Two more possibilities: a set of ready-to-bake croissants from Williams-Sonoma or a gift certificate to Dean and Deluca Soho.
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I would love a cheese or meat of the month gift From Murray's Cheese Shop
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Response by poster: I got them a gift certificate to Zabar's. Murray's was a close second. I reason that they could get cheese at Zabar's if they are so inclined.

I'm definitely going on a Pizza Tour the next time I'm in NYC!
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