There are many om shantis but this one is mine
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A former yoga instructor had a great playlist that included a particular version of "om shanti" chanting that I would like to find again. The chanting was in a very deep male voice, and sounded like more than one person or at least included a lot of vocal layers. It was very rhythmic and I think there were low drums in the background. I believe it started very sparsely, possibly with just a single vocal, and then grew louder and seemed to speed up as more complexities were added. I don't think anything other than "om shanti" was chanted.

If it's not an out-of-context or inappropriate term, it seemed almost tribal. I'd estimate that the entire "om shanti om shanti om shanti omm" took 8 beats, so it was more like this than this. I don't recall there being bells or chimes, and the version I heard was 3-5 minutes (though could obviously have been part of a longer track).

The instructor has moved and I don't know any way to contact her. I asked the yoga studio but they understandably don't keep track of their instructors' playlists.
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Krishna Das in the MAN when it comes to Kirtan (chanting).
Here's a live version of Om Shanti. Might get you on the right track. Not sure why he stops chanting.
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I'll bet you anything it's Hein Braat.
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